The delicious fragrances and flavours of Bermuda await. Dine at one of our exceptional restaurants, let us spoil you with in-room service, or enjoy a leisurely meal right at your beach lounger.

Hamilton Dining & Entertainment Jan-Mar 2021


Our amazing culinary venues

Every meal you eat with us is designed to delight your senses, feed your spirit, and nourish your body. Our inspired food and imaginative bar offerings spring from an unrelenting passion for excellence: locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, magnificent freshly-caught seafood, consummate skill and sparkling creativity. From laid-back casual dining to world-class cuisine, we have curated a special collection of culinary experiences right here in the resort.

Savour it all. Indulge your extravagant side with champagne at a gourmet brunch. Relish the deep aroma of simple wood fired pizza served on the beach. Appreciate the vibrancy of fish that left the ocean a few hours ago. Taste the boozy sweetness of that famous Bermuda rum cake. Sip tropical cocktails, explore tasting flights of sipping rum or single malts and finish it all off with a fine cigar. Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it at one of our amazing culinary venues.