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The art collection of the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club is remarkable. Inside the palatial pink traditional architecture is a renovated contemporary space with artworks from some of the great names of modern art: Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, René Magritte. These innovators, who challenged perceptions of art, lay the foundation for a collection that has embraced the Pop and Op art movements through to post-modernism.

The art collection is active. New works are mounted or moved often, thus emphasizing that the hotel is an alternative gallery space. It is well-curated, selected and arranged in a meaningful way that develops a narrative within the context of modern art, while creating a memorable experience.

Art Press

Harbour Masters, The Hamilton Princess hotel could quite easily be mistaken for a gallery. But what Michelle Jana Chan of Vanity Fair finds is a living, lived-in space in which art fulfils a very different role.

What’s striking is not only the concentration of art, but how it immerses us all, this throng of visitors, who are waiting, chatting, milling, scrolling.

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Art Tours

Private art tours with a local art docent can be scheduled through our concierge desk or ext. 5779.