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There is plenty on our wonderful island to keep you busy and entertained…


Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo Tour

Located in the picturesque village of Flatts, Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ) is a delightful attraction and a widely recognised center for conservation, education and research programs. As well as providing an interesting day out we are delighted to be able to offer additional special ‘member’ tours which are listed below. Please note all these activities are seasonal so depending on the time of your visit some activities may not be available. For further information visit their website »

Mangrove Walk, South Shore Beaches and Parks (BAMZ)
Explore the mangroves, South Shore beaches and parks with Bermuda Zoological Society Field Guides. Please note the trail is through rough and uneven terrain, must be physically fit.

Whale Watch Boat Trips (BAMZ)
Humpback whales traditionally pass Bermuda in late March and April as they migrate north, and, although there are no guarantees of spotting them, enjoy a ‘whale watch’ boat trip designed to see the whales cavort.

Snorkeling at North Rock (BAMZ)
The Bermuda Islands were born as the Earth’s tectonic plates separated about 200 million years ago. Hot magma erupted from the mantle to the sea floor and several groups of volcanoes were born. One of these groups was to become the Bermuda chain. Only the Southern side of the crater is still above water level, and that is the part that makes up the Bermuda Islands. On the Northern side, about 10 miles from St George’s, stands a solitary outcrop of rocks, marked by a beacon. This outcrop is called North Rock. The spectacular reef community at North Rock consists largely of the brain coral, great star coral and mustard hill coral. The tops of the reefs lie three to four meters from the surface, separated by sand channels of eight to ten meters. Summer only.

Nature Encounters For Children (BAMZ)
Special programs are available for children, space is limited for more information please contact the hotel Concierge. Special ‘member’ tours are only available through the Concierge and are subject to advance reservation and availability due to the limited numbers of each group. A credit card number is required at the time of booking, refunds not available for no-shows and cancellations.For more detailed information on these exciting tours, latest research and overseas memberships please check Bermuda Aquarium Museum & Zoo’s website.

Island Tour Centre

With over 20 years of local experience and a great variety of tours (glass bottom boat tours, sightseeing boat tours, eco & adventure tours etc.) Bermuda’s top tour operators offer easy online reservations and conveniently located tour booking facilities. Island Tour Centre is the first stop for your best Bermuda vacation experience ever. For further information visit their website »

Sightseeing Tours by Taxi

For a party of 1 to 6, engaging a taxi for the day or half-day (minimum of 3 hours) with the driver acting as the tour guide can be a good way to see Bermuda. A blue flag fluttering from the taxi’s bonnet signifies the driver has qualified as a tour guide. Please contact Hamilton Princess & Beach Club Concierge at (441) 298 5779 or email for details and rates.