Local Tips



Generally, the dress code in Bermuda is conservative and casual. As an Island, visitors and locals typically wear swimsuits and beachwear (very short shorts, etc.) only at the beach or by the pool. When not on the beach or by the pool, appearing without a shirt or in a bathing suit in public (including on scooters or buses) is not allowed. Casual sportswear is appropriate for just about every other occasion and, of course, men can be seen wearing Bermuda shorts and socks all year round.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted throughout Bermuda. Please note that Discover credit card is not accepted anywhere in Bermuda. Bank machines can be found everywhere and debit cards are widely used. If you are using a foreign card at a bank machine, your money will be disbursed in Bermudian funds.


The currency unit in Bermuda is the Bermudian dollar. US$1.00 = BD$1.00. American money is accepted everywhere. No other currency is widely accepted, but most paper money may be exchanged at local banks at fair rates. Debit cards are taken at most shops, restaurants and hotels. Automatic teller machines throughout the island give cash advances on Visa and Plus cards. There is an ATM located in the hotel.


110 volts, 60 cycles AC (same as in the United States and Canada). We offer complimentary adapters for your convenience while staying at the Hotel with us. See the Hotel Front Desk for assistance.

Health Insurance

Bermuda has a very high quality of medical care. However, it is a private system and as such, it is very expensive by any standard. You should consider the purchase of your own vacation health insurance a necessity. Even if you are covered by your home country’s national health insurance system, your country will probably not pay all costs associated with health care in Bermuda, so additional coverage for your vacation travel is necessary. Visitors taking medicine prescribed by a doctor should bring a copy of the prescription in case it needs to be renewed by a doctor in Bermuda.

Liquor Laws

In Bermuda, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase and/or consume alcoholic beverages.

Local Customs

Bermudians greet each other with a respectful salutation before continuing a conversation. Start with a greeting of “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon” or “Good Evening”.


Bermuda is an island comprised of a series of small, semi-tropical islands, located about 650 miles (1046 km) east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Time Zone

Atlantic Time (Atlantic Time is one hour ahead of Eastern Time, four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time). Daylight Savings is in effect from the first Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October.


At most restaurants, a tip of 17% (of the subtotal) is added to the bill. Most resorts assess a fixed gratuity on the final bill (but feel free to tip staff individually for good service). Airport porters are usually tipped a few dollars. Taxi drivers generally receive 10% to 15% of the meter rate.


Visitors cannot rent cars in Bermuda – it is a small island and the congestion would choke the roads. The alternative is to hire a moped or use the excellent bus, ferry and taxi services. Bermudians drive on the left side of the road (like the British).


As there are no rivers in Bermuda, drinking water is from rainwater and is clean and safe.

Entry Into Bermuda

United States Federal Law requires that travelers entering or re-entering the United States from any international country (including Bermuda) must present a government-issued passport to clear US Customs.

For Canadian visitors, a passport is preferred, however, you can use one of the following: the original or certified copy of your birth certificate, together with an official photo ID; or Canadian Certificate of Citizenship.

Citizens of other countries require a passport and possibly a visa depending on their home country. A return or onward ticket or other document of onward transportation to a country to which, at that time, the passenger has right of entry, is also required from all visitors.

Children under 18 years of age who are traveling with only one parent must have a notarized letter from the non-traveling parent allowing travel.

Bermuda has fairly strict entry regulations for tourists so please be sure you follow them before your visit. Contact Bermuda Tourism for more information: 1 (800) 223 6106.