Spicy Summer Sippers: 1609’s Mango Sriracha Margarita

Spicy Summer Sippers: 1609’s Mango Sriracha Margarita - Hamilton Princess

By Eric Grossman

Spicy cocktails can be consumed year-round, but they’re best enjoyed in the summertime when you can cool your system by indulging in fiery flavors. Sure, you might need to have some water handy, but you’ll get an extra thrill out of cocktail hour with a spice-forward drink.

Mansion Global Experience Luxury consulted with mixologists from some of the world’s top bars and cocktail lounges to learn how to make their favorite spicy cocktails perfect for summer sipping.

Bermuda’s iconic Hamilton Princess & Beach Club serves up Latin-inspired delights at its seasonal restaurant 16O9. “We noticed a demand for something spicy to complement our Latin-inspired menu,” says manager Shonette Higgins, who notes that the mango can be adjusted to the desired sweetness level, and the sriracha can similarly be tweaked according to spice preference.

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