Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum - Hamilton Princess news story

Located in the heart of Bermuda, enjoy a stay at a luxury hotel that provides its guests with more than just a view of the beach.

Few places casually integrate famous works of art into their environment. Sites where “Do Not Touch” signs are scarce, velvet ropes don’t separate, and security guards don’t stand nearby with a suspicious eye. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has created such a space.

This story begins 10 years ago when local Bermudian brothers Andrew and Alexander Green bought the property. For the following three years, the over 130-year-old “Pink Palace” (as it is affectionately known) received an estimated $100 million worth of renovations in rooms, marina development, a new fitness center and spa, and more. The Green brothers focused on evolving the space while maintaining its previous charm. Here is where they discovered that this venture was also the perfect opportunity to display and grow their vast and impressive private art collection.

Night at the Museum - Hamilton Princess news story

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