Finding Bliss in Bermuda

Finding Bliss in Bermuda - Hamilton Princess

By Emily Bunn

An iconic pink palace…beckons Bermuda’s best. Of course, I’m talking about the legendary, luxury Fairmont-managed, Green-family-owned Hamilton Princess Hotel. The island escape welcomes guests with its endless sunshine, breathtaking marina, and luxurious accommodations. EQ was fortunate enough to receive the full Hamilton Princess experience, and it’s safe to say that I’ll be returning for years to come.

I was eager to visit Hamilton Princess Hotel to experience its incredible Beach Club, expansive art collection, and unmatched hospitality. Fittingly, I arrived on International Dark ‘n’ Stormy Day and discovered I was in the prime place to celebrate the holiday. A good time is guaranteed with the resort’s buzz-worthy custom Single Barrel Reserve Goslings Princess Rum, and I was excited to experience the tantalizing imbibement inside the home of the famous liquor.

Immediately upon my arrival at the hotel – even before I had the chance to check in – I was quick to admire the hotel’s vast collection of artwork. Entering the Hamilton Princess feels like entering the private studio of a salon of artists. A curated collage of modern pieces decorates the palace’s walls, showcasing works from legendary greats including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and René Magritte. In this way, the hotel operates as an active, alternative gallery space, with new pieces often joining the assemblage. Oftentimes, the artists who create the works that decorate Hamilton Princess’s walls even stay at the property as an artists-in-residence.

Finding Bliss in Bermuda - Hamilton Princess

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