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Hamilton Princess & Beach Club challenged itself to eliminate single-use plastics (SUP) from the guest experience at the hotel, by the end of 2022 2023.

Over 50 plastic items were identified, and a plastics alternative programme was implemented in various departments of the hotel, resulting in our certification as a Beyond Plastic Champion for our hotel, bars, restaurants and office spaces.

Moving forward, with the support of the hotel’s owners and Fairmont, the global company that operates the hotel, Hamilton Princess has ambitious targets to reach net zero by 2050.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY AUDITS: We have enlisted MichaelsEnergy, an ACCOR-approved vendor for energy audit standards, to perform the ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit. Our goal is to uphold optimal building performance and processes, maximizing energy savings and profits, while also reducing utility grid stress and carbon footprints.

WATER REFILL STATIONS: We are thrilled to announce that installation of water dispensers across the property is currently underway and anticipated to be finalized by the end of May. Guests will have the convenience of refilling their PATH or reusable water bottles.

TRAINING AND EDUCATION: In our dedicated pursuit of advancing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) initiatives, we recognize the crucial importance of education in deepening our colleagues’ understanding of the cultural shift towards sustainability. All our executive members have completed the School for Change course on sustainable governance. Throughout 2024, we’re providing a series of customized learning and training sessions for Heartists to enhance their understanding even further.

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accomplishments include

General Spaces

  • ‘Do Not Disturb’ door hangers made of recycled Cherrywood
  • Our Food & Beverage Division implemented the Orbisk food waste measurement tool in Q1 2024
  • Food waste management programme in progress
  • Focusing on energy efficiency and other waste management reduction
    — LED lighting, heat recovery systems, energy management systems, promote recycling and our own reverse osmosis machine
    — In the process of testing motion sensors and looking into water conservation measures
  • We have partnered with Green Key International and are actively meeting the certification requirements, aiming to achieve certification by year end 2024
  • Providing beverages in our offices in glass, aluminum or paper cartons
  • Implementation of the T.A.G. recycling programme, where we encourage the recycling of Tin, Aluminum and Glass materials throughout outlets and public spaces

Dining Outlets

  • Eliminating SUP water bottles and providing glass, aluminum and paper-based options
    — Reusable water bottles and hot drink tumblers are sold in the shops and Duchess Café; take-out coffee cups are double-insulated to eliminate the plastic-lined coffee cup and cup sleeve; the stirrers are made from bamboo, and the straws are made from hay
  • Where drinking cups, utensils or containers are needed, the hotel uses ones supplied by the Sustainable Agave Company, which have been upcycled and are compostable
  • Eliminating SUP bags
    — Now utilize paper bags for takeout
  • Utilizing biodegradable or compostable food containers, and utensils for to-go meals
  • Washable cups, glassware, plates and utensils
  • Single use bamboo straws and stirrers
  • Coffee and tea options are available by the cup or from recyclable aluminum pods
  • Providing the “Hello Princess” double-insulated to-go cups to eliminate the plastic-lined coffee cup as well as the cup sleeve
  • Partnering with ecoSpirits, who provides bulk supply spirits in a low-waste ecoTOTE format for all hotel bar areas
    — EcoSPIRITS is a company that refills many of their spirits bottles, further reducing waste. This international company provides a low-waste spirits and wine distribution service, which aims to end single use glass. Furthermore, for every ecoTOTE container they sell, 1kg of ocean waste is collected. From the period 1 May 2022 To 29 February 2024:
    •  417 ecoTOTES were delivered to the hotel consisting of 4.5 litre Gosling’s and Bermuda Gin Company products
    •  1,877 Litre bottles were saved
    • 2,142 750ML bottles were saved
    • 1,337.9 KG CO2e Emission Reductions
    • 646 KG Ocean Waste Collected
  • Implementation of the T.A.G. recycling programme, where we encourage the recycling of Tin, Aluminum and Glass materials throughout outlets and public spaces

Front Office

  • Utilizing key cards made from Bamboo for our guest room entry, and offering an option for mobile key access from a smartphone

Guest Rooms

  • Eliminated all individual plastic toiletry bottles (shampoos, shower gel etc.) and plastic cups
    – In the rooms, small single-use shampoo, conditioner and hand lotion bottles have been replaced with larger, refillable bottles and, the in-room Nespresso machines use recyclable aluminum pods
  • Replacing single use dry amenities in guest rooms with plastic free or biodegradable alternatives
  • Bamboo hair accessories: comb and brush

additional sustainable initiatives

  • In partnership with Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB), and our sustainable community outreach initiative, hotel colleagues regularly conduct quarterly trash clean-ups at Dutton Avenue, Pembroke, our adopted space
  • We continue to prioritise diversity, equality, and inclusion, recognising their immense value in fostering a thriving and inclusive workplace. Building upon this commitment, we are pleased in 2024 to have 40% of women in leadership positions throughout the hotel property

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